The Only Place to Travel to From Australia in this Covid-19 Pandemic

The Only Place to Travel to From Australia in this Covid-19 Pandemic

Australia is not only a wonderful country to visit but it is also one of the seven continents of the world. So if you are looking for a place to visit in the land of Kangaroos, you could choose a lot of destinations.

Australians are explorers too. They want to explore other countries because they love beaches and other cultures. The bad news is that there is an ongoing global pandemic that restricts and limits travels outside the country. Now, there are questions that are left hung and waiting for the answers.

How can Australians travel under current restrictions? And where can they go with this Covid-19 pandemic? Keep reading and find out the possible ways on how you can travel abroad with the threat of CoronaVirus.

Travel abroad in this COVID-19 pandemic 

 interstate travel restrictions
Can I travel internationally during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The pandemic had severely affected a lot of industries around the world. That includes the way we travel from one place to another with the existing restrictions and protocols. Though it’s a global pandemic, countries have different situations in coping up with the increasing number of covid cases. The approval of your travel initially requires you if possible to be fully vaccinated. By that, you can make sure that you are safe from severe complications if ever you will get a virus from where you will be going. 

The following are the things you must consider if you are fully vaccinated and you plan to travel overseas.

  1. Make sure to follow the airline’s safety protocols that include the requirements you need from your country and to the country you will be going. Countries differ in restrictions and limitations that depend on their situation and capability. 
  2. During traveling, despite being fully vaccinated, you need to always wear your facemask properly anywhere with social- distancing.
  3. After your travel, immediately test yourself for a viral assessment and isolate yourself if you have the symptoms. Just make sure to follow the protocols and health precautions of the authorities in your country. 

Those guidelines mentioned can really help you avoid acquiring serious Covid-19 related problems. Take note of them and stay safe on your travels.

The only country you can visit from Australia under current restrictions

 when will australia open borders for international travel
Is Australia opening borders?

The only country where Australians can go outside their nation is New Zealand. The country banned all overseas travel towards other countries except New Zealand. It was implemented on March 21, 2021, that Australians are allowed to travel abroad if they directly plan to go to New Zealand. They will be allowed to do so if they have been in Australia for 14 days immediately before the date of departure. Unfortunately, with the new variants spreading all over the world, it is impossible for now for Australians to explore the world. Just like any other country, the government is just protecting its nation from serious threats of this pandemic.

Traveling from Australia to New Zealand requirements

To be able to fulfill your plan to visit Australia even there are travel restrictions, you will need to cooperate with the requirements implemented by the host country.

  1. The traveler is required to apply for an exemption to Australia’s travel restrictions.
  2. You may be exempted from it if he is directly going to New Zealand, given that you have only been in either of the two countries within 2 weeks immediately before the scheduled flight to New Zealand. 
  3. You are required to apply for an outward travel exemption if you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of the host country before traveling to New Zealand.
  4. And if you are a returning traveler to Australia from New Zealand and had another international destination, you are required to provide the following:
    1. Negative Covid-19 test result (72 hours before your scheduled flight back to Australia)
    2. Coordinate yourself with the 14-day mandatory hotel quarantine
    3. Perform periodic tests while undergoing the mandatory quarantine

Traveling from New Zealand to Australia requirements

You already know what you need to provide before leaving Australia for New Zealand. It is essential to know, too, that you are educated with the things need for traveling from New Zealand to Australia. 

  1. You must complete within 72 hours the country’s Travel Declaration before your travel to Australia. It collects all important details such as health status, contact, flight, and quarantine details. 
  2. You are exempted from applying to Australia’s travel restrictions if you are traveling by air and have been in New Zealand or Australia within 2 weeks before the scheduled flight.
  3. But if you are traveling by sea, you are not exempted.
  4. You are also not exempt if you have been in either of the two countries for less than 2 weeks before scheduled departure.


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