Everything You Need to Know About the Melbourne Earthquake

Everything You Need to Know About the Melbourne Earthquake

Earthquakes in Melbourne

Last September 22, 2021, an earthquake struck Melbourne. Earthquakes rarely happen in Australia because of their location. There were no injuries and mortalities reported. Damages in buildings, structures, and telecommunications disturbance were experienced during the natural disaster. Speaking of earthquakes, let us know more about this natural disaster. 


Earthquakes can destroy a lot of structures and buildings with devastating effects. This natural disaster has levels of magnitude where experts can measure the destruction they could bring depending on the magnitude level. For example, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake can slightly damage buildings and some structures like what happened recently in Melbourne, Australia. From magnitude 2.5 to 8.0, the level of earthquake destruction varies. 

Earthquakes in Australia are unusual that is why people were shocked and disturbed by the recent land shakes that happened. In the history of the country regarding earthquakes, the 1988 Tennant Creek earthquake was its strongest on record, with a magnitude of 6.6.


There are scientific explanations for why things happen like natural disasters like earthquakes. An earthquake usually happens when rocks underground break suddenly which causes rapid motion along a fault. These movements release energy that shakes the ground which we call earthquakes.

Volcanic eruptions, Tectonic movements, Geological faults, Man-made and Minor causes are the five main reasons why earthquakes happen.  We can also say that man-made nuclear bombs or big structures like dams can cause minor causes and even worst-case scenarios relating to land destruction.


Earthquakes can ruin a city, province, region, or country if the magnitude is at its high level. Effects of this Earth-shaking aside from possible Tsunami are ground rupture, landslides, liquefaction, subsidence, and fires. All of these effects can kill a lot of people and damage a lot of structures and buildings. 

For instance, if the magnitude 8.0 earthquake strikes a region, it will be totally wrecked and devastated. All the effects mentioned will be surely evident with its power to destroy. Now you know the effects of these earthquakes, let us educate ourselves to be ready in times of disasters like these.         

What to do during the earthquake

Below are the following things you must do during an earthquake:

  1. Stay inside if you don’t have the chance to go to an open wide space.
  2. If you were inside a building or house during an earthquake, it is best to drop under heavy furniture such as a table, desk, bed, or any solid furniture to secure yourself from falling objects. 
  3. You need to cover your head during earthquakes because you may possibly be hit by heavy falling objects.
  4. Stay under an object that you will be safely covered. It may be under a table or solid furniture.

Natural disasters are inevitable. We can’t control the power of nature. Earthquakes were the reason why continents are set apart. Millions of years have passed until today, lots of earth-shaking caused by volcanic eruptions and fault movements change the geological structure of the world. With the science and technology advancement that we possess nowadays, there are ways now on how to detect possible disasters where it can prevent casualties. 

We can protect ourselves with the appropriate orientation and education about the things we must do before, during, and after an earthquake. Like for example, the earthquake drills that are done in schools and establishments to teach people how to react to an earthquake. Even the right construction of buildings has an effect on preventing mortalities during the earthquake. To name one, the buildings in Japan were built specially to dance with the ground shaking. 

Experts have scientifically explained why earthquakes happen and what are the causes and effects of them to the world. The important thing today is that we can measure and forecast the possible destruction it can bring to us where we can prevent ugly situations like deaths.


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