Canva – The $40 Billion Graphic Design Software Company

Canva – The $40 Billion Graphic Design Software Company

Each and every one of us dream of having a business with a huge amount of profit. We surely dream of becoming like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk who have companies with billions of dollars worth. It is not an accident that you are here now reading this article because you also want to make your business bigger. Continue reading and be inspired by the story behind Canva being valued at $40 billion.

Canva intentionally made their free product generously extreme as a part of their marketing strategy. With the special feature of creating your own designs for free, it turned out that people would love the product. It leads to the growth of the company with the mass sharing of it on social media. 

Canva’s footsteps to success

Canva offers a lot of convenience in terms of graphic designing. It is a payless graphic design platform that gives freedom to people to make their Zoom backgrounds, lesson plans, business cards, flyers, invitations, and more using professionally designed templates. 

It started with the mission to help workplaces all over the world. The journey was ignited by Melanie Perkins in 2007 when she was studying at the University of Western Australia. She taught some students with traditional design programs namely Photoshop and InDesign. There she found out that these graphic platforms are hard to use. Because of that experience, she had an idea that her platform must be collaborative online.

With limited resources, Melanie Perkins, together with her partner Cliff Obrecht, found ways to make the company grow as it is today. They started Fusion Books to try their ideas and launched a website that allows students to work together. They used that to create their own yearbooks on the internet. In 2013, Canva was launched worldwide with the mission to connect the world in terms of graphic designing. 

The most popular graphic design platform today

We all know about how Facebook connects the entire world and how Amazon gives convenience to the shopping experience. And they are so popular because of the great service they offer. With the collaborative feature of Canva, it is now one of the famous software used by students and professionals globally. With its goal to enable the world to design, it made the company popular with sharing, recommendations, and promoting online. 

Gaining $40 Billion value – Canva’s achievement 

Any successful companies today started with facing struggles and recession. Starting your own company is a risk where you may fail or you may succeed. In the situation of Canva, they found solutions for the problems of society in the digital online world of graphic designing. Canva continues to improve its service by launching plans for an offline mode and video editor. This feature will surely be loved by the users.

The founders of the company are also doing charity work for the welfare of the community like tree planting and committed to donate 30% of their own equity in the company in sharing goodness with their planned Canva Foundation. 


The future of graphic designing was forecast by the founders of Canva. From their small beginnings, they are being discovered and recognized in Silicon Valley for their ideas. Canva had done a great job of solving the complicated buttons in the software of other big tech companies. They did a great job, too, in revealing a graphic software that gives the easiest ways for the users for their works and projects. Truly, if you want to start a company, you need to identify first what is the problem you will solve. Canva made graphic designing a collaborative community with its platform.


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